Nothing to hide, but nothing to show you either.
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Privacy is, in the most broad sense, the right of an individuals to control or withhold data or metadata pertaining to themselves or to those in their care. Much like security, it is an active process of considering how our choices impact us and what we can do to reduce the likelihood of undesirable outcomes (data breaches, cybercrime, doxing) while maximising control over the release of our personal information.

Privacy is a spectrum. It is impossible to attain absolute or perfect privacy. However, it is also possible to significantly improve your privacy by implementing relatively small changes to how you conduct yourself in your daily life, particularly online.
Like many things in life, privacy is a cost benefit analysis. Many steps that could improve your privacy cost too much, whether in terms of your time, effort, efficiency, convenience or money. Advice offered in this wiki aims to strike a reasonable balance, by explaining in plain English the privacy choices we are asked to make every day and equipping you with tools and knowledge needed to make better choices.

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