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PrivacyWiki is an effort to compile useful actionable advice which everyday users can follow to improve their privacy and prevent companies and governments from using their data against them.

Our Mission[edit | edit source]

We believe that privacy is a human right.
This resource is one way for us to fight for it by educating our readers about how to exercise it.

Free Culture[edit | edit source]

All original content on PrivacyWiki is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Free software is one of few allies that we have against the surveillance capitalism and nation-state dragnet surveillance. It has given us much, and we are proud to be able to, in turn, contribute to the free culture movement.

This wiki is a community effort. It is a non-commercial public good, a digital commons.
Please consider contributing. Alternatively, you may also wish to fork this project.

We sincerely thank[edit | edit source]

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For creating and maintaining MediaWiki 1.41.0 (5498056), the software that this wiki uses.
For creating and stewarding Wikipedia, where many of our outbound links land.
Wikipedia contributors beyond the count.

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For being giants on whose shoulders this project stands.

For their help in making PrivacyWiki what it is.