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If you found your way here you've probably considered contributing to this wiki. That's great, we're happy to have you.
However, before you start, please read the info below to make sure that you edits are contributing constructively.

Before your first edit[edit | edit source]

This section is the only one that is considered to be mandatory reading.

Guiding principles[edit | edit source]

Before submitting your first edit, please, at minimum, read the following: PrivacyWiki:Guiding Principles. This page will familiarise you with the project goals and basic guidelines. Every editor is expected to be familiar with this page; saying you're unaware of it is not an argument.

Any edit that does not serve to further the project goals, as described in PrivacyWiki:Guiding Principles, is likely to be frowned upon.

Target audience[edit | edit source]

You should also keep in mind the PrivacyWiki:Target audience of this wiki. This is a wiki about internet and technology, but it is not written for technology enthusiast. This is a resource for everyone, and should be accessible to everyone.
That being said, although you will write for people who are usually below your own technical skill level, do not talk down to our readers. If somebody does not know something, they're not an idiot. They came to this wiki to learn.

Namespaces[edit | edit source]

Read PrivacyWiki:Namespaces to learn about how we use our Help:Namespaces.

Main namespace is for actionable advice only. The pages here are expected to be useful, concise, direct and immediately helpful to the reader.
Concept namespace is where we explain more abstract concepts which are useful to know, but are not immediately actionable. Content here is considered optional but recommended reading.
Alternatives namespace is where we recommend alternatives to commonly used privacy invasive software. Content here should be generally in a list, with a brief explanation on why this is a good alternative.
Recommended is contains articles on software and services we like. Such content should not be in the mainspace, so here is where it should be.
Guide namespace is for specific guides covering common scenarios.
Rest of the namespaces (Meta, Project, Template) are used in the same way as Wikipedia.

This is the end of mandatory reading section.

Project TODO[edit | edit source]


These are project wide issues and decisions that need to be tackled, decided upon and implemented.

edit·history·watch·refresh  To-do list for PrivacyWiki:Writer's room:

  • Feedback on namespaces. Do they make sense conceptually?
  • Establish a list of essential content covering basic software, services and concepts which we need to have to be considered minimum viable privacy resource.
    • Improve those articles to minimum viable article status.
  • Develop manual of style.
  • Revamp Main Page.
    Work in progress; comments welcome
  • Standardise Main Takeways into a template (as used on Passwords for example).

If you have any thoughts on these issues, please start a new discussion over at PrivacyWiki talk:Writer's room.

Project resources[edit | edit source]

PrivacyWiki:Library[edit | edit source]

Here, we maintain a list of resources that can be used to help develop the wiki. Please pay attention to the source's license; we can only directly incorporate content with a compatible license.

Questions[edit | edit source]

If you have general comments or question about the wiki (not regarding a specific page), post it on PrivacyWiki talk:Writer's room.